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About the UNU Office at UNESCO

As a bridge between UNESCO and the United Nations University’s Headquarters and Institutes, the UNU Office in Paris monitors the main activities of UNESCO in all fields and liaises with its various sectors.

UNU-OP, as part of its mandate, aims to showcase the recent work of UNU Institutes within UNESCO as well as to stimulate collaboration between UNU and UNESCO. UNU-OP also participates in meetings, disseminates information, and provides logistic support for the UNU Centre and Institutes.

The UN University’s mission is to contribute to efforts aimed at resolving the pressing global problems of human survival, development, justice and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States.

Being an academic institution within the United Nations system, UNU contributes directly to the advancement of knowledge relevant to the role and work of the United Nations, as well as to its application in the formulation of sound principles, policies, strategies and programmes for action.


The UNU Office at UNESCO displays titles published by the UNU Press, the scholarly publishing division of UNU. Access by appointment only: please telephone 01 45 68 46 42.

For a full list of UNU books please visit the UNU Press page on the UNU website, or our Publications page for a list of newsletters, journals, and other publications.


Page last modified 2013.06.06.

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